Project goals

To support the development of Crisis and Risks Engineering for transport services (CRENG) to ensure sustainability of Ukraine (UA), Azerbaijan (AZ) and Turkmenistan (TM) transport systems for their integration into Global transportation network.

To contribute CRENG development in PCs the project will create the environment for education of high skilled specialists in line with labor market and according to EU best practices and Bologna process.

CRENG overview poster

Project objectives

Master program

Develop, implement and accredit new practice oriented, student-focused MA program "CRENG" including innovative teaching and learning approaches and ECTS in UA, AZ and TM.

Approaching the labor market

Bring the Higher education institutions (HEIs) in UA, AZ and TM closer to labor market in CRENG area.

Academic collaboration

Increase collaboration between EU and UA, AZ and TM HEIs in CRENG area.

Project activities

Master program curricula

Development of new, updating current curricula of new MA program "CRENG".

Academic retraining

Retraining of academic teachers from PCs universities in EU on new curricula methodology of MA program "CRENG".


Creation in PCs universities of teaching and learning environment incl. learning and teaching materials, e-learning courses on MOODLE platform, CRENG laboratories and virtual class-rooms.

New Master program

Implementation and accreditation of new MA program "CRENG" in 9 PCs universities.

"Skills Wallet"

Implementation of "Skills Wallet": development of guidelines and holding online master classes for academic teachers on "Skills Wallet" implementation.

Projects Based Learning

Implementation of International Projects Based Learning: development of guidelines and holding retraining courses for academic teachers from PCs universities in EU.

Pilot teaching

Pilot teaching of students from PCs universities on new MA program "CRENG".

Long-term strategy

Dissemination & Sustainability Strategy development and implementation incl. creation of CRENG service offices network and web-based platform.

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